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Updated: 2 hours 30 min ago

Measuring the Results of EU Development – A Step towards Accountability with Aggregated Data

The EU together with its Member States is the world’s largest development donor, providing more than half of the total Official Development Assistance (€68 billion) in 2015. The EU alone spends on average €10 billion per year on development cooperation. Until recently, reporting on results achieved through EU ODA focused on individual programmes, projects, specific sectors and themes, and there has been little systematic reporting on aggregate results. That changed this summer, when the European Commission's Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) released the EU Results Report, which presents aggregate results of development programmes and projects in partner countries for the first time. Topics:  Aid Effectiveness & Results Design, Monitoring & Evaluation yes read more

Part Two: How is the EU Supporting Sustainable Consumption and Production?

DEVCO is supporting work at the intersection of environment, economy and business in its partner countries to avoid the polluting pathway of many industrialised countries and develop green businesses from the outset. It means working at many levels – training entrepreneurs, sharing best practices, effecting large-scale policy change and mobilizing investment. Topics:  Environment & Climate Change Private Sector, Trade & Regional Integration yes read more

Part One: Rethinking Business Models for Sustainability

One of the great challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals will be finding ways of lifting populations out of poverty, which is often associated with increased consumption and production, while at the same time dealing with emissions and meeting environmental targets. The question is how to create economic value which also benefits society. Smart technologies, sustainable business models and circular economy solutions are already being developed, but experts say they need to be scaled up, and fast. Topics:  Environment & Climate Change Private Sector, Trade & Regional Integration yes read more