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Views from the Field: In Conversation with the EU Ambassador to Mauritius

EU Ambassador Marjaana Sall shares her experience of managing a changing relationship with Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles, as the latter two graduate to middle and higher income status. She emphasises the importance of working together on issues including climate change and trade, and shares examples of successful EU-funded projects. Topics:  Development Policy yes read more

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Director-General Stefano Manservisi on the New Consensus for Development

A lot has changed since the adoption of the 2005 European Consensus on Development and the European Union needs a new collective vision for development policy to respond to unprecedented challenges coming from climate change, rising inequality, irregular migration and global insecurity. The Commission has just adopted its proposal for a revised EU Consensus for Development to deal with such challenges, consistent with the new global agenda 2030 promoting a new set of Sustainable Development Goals in favour of people, prosperity, planet, peace and partnership. Topics:  Development Policy yes read more

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