How to Expand Social Protection - Sustainably

Since the 2008 financial crisis, unemployment and inequality have crept up, at the same time that funding for social protection policies has been stretched thin. Vulnerable groups have borne the brunt, and drawn attention to the fragility of social protection – the array of schemes from child benefit to pensions aiming to mitigate risks across the human life cycle. Rethinking its funding and delivery is key to meeting the mantra of post-2015 development, ‘leave no-one behind’. Topics:  Development Policy yes read more

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Debating new approaches to learning for development

Development institutions are learning new ways to share knowledge. The traditional hierarchical model of training, in which information is passed down from teacher to student, or donor to recipient, is not always the most effective. Instead, partnerships are emerging through which experiences can be shared. Topics:  Capacity Development & Knowledge Sharing yes read more

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