Views from the Field: In Conversation with the EU Ambassador to the African Union

Gary Quince, who is nearing the end of his five years heading the EU Delegation to the African Union, shares his experiences and discusses the EU's support to the AU, touching on the gap between optimistic treaties and their implementation, joint programming and engaging with the private sector.  Topics:  Development Policy Private Sector, Trade & Regional Integration Security, Justice & Human Rights yes read more

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The Trade & Development Link

Trade and the private sector are expected to play a crucial role in the SDGs and their implementation, from creating jobs to ensuring that growth benefits the economy and the people, through promoting labour and environmental standards. But some question how increased trade flows and economic growth will actually benefit the poorest populations. A panel at the European Development Days addressed concerns and shared insights into how development assistance can better use trade as an enabler of inclusive and sustainable development. Topics:  Private Sector, Trade & Regional Integration yes read more

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