Official kickoff of the Roundtable in Mozambique

Rafael Forsetto's picture

This 29th of September, the Roundtable to examine the challenges and best practices in regularity and performance audits targeting the sectors of Extractive Industries & Major Public Works in synergy with the ex-ante verification of complex contractcs kicked off at the Hotel Avenida in Maputo, Mozambique.

Check out the first photos from the Roundtable which seeks to promote exchange and synergy between supreme audit instituions in the PALOP countries and East Timor, improve skills and strengthen the role and powers of judicial supervisory bodies and external control of public finances as part of the preliminary examination and audits of major public works contracts of extractive industries.

With this transverse activity, 28 participants, including auditors and counseling judges of the PALOP and East Timor Supreme Audit Institutions, through the exchange of experiences and use of facilitation methodologies and peer learning, will reinforce practical knowledge, techniques, methodologies, offer the tools and mastery of international best practice in terms of supervision and control of extractive industries in synergy with the previous monitoring of major public works contracts.