Micronesia funding for migration crisis an expression of solidarity

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Micronesia’s parliament has pledged  to introduce legislation to appropriate up to US$100,000 to give to IPU towards a response to the global migration crisis that has seen the arrival of more than 680,000 people in Europe by sea alone this year and the loss of nearly 3,200 lives in the Mediterranean. The announcement was made during IPU’s 133rd Assembly, which focused on parliamentary action for a fairer, smarter and more human migration and which adopted a resolution on greater protection for refugees worldwide.  The Speaker of Micronesia’s Congress, Wesley W. Simina, said such action from a small country with few resources and facing many of its own challenges would be an expression of solidarity for all those forced to take drastic and life-threatening action in search of security or the hope of a better life. It would also show what parliaments can do to help find solutions to major issues. Should the funds be appropriated, they could be used towards an IPU fact-finding mission to refugee camps, among other projects left to IPU’s discretion.  IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong warmly welcomed the move as a commitment to concrete action on an IPU resolution by an IPU member. Follow up action to IPU Assembly decisions by individual parliaments can collectively be a major force for change, he said.

Source: IPU 29th October 2015: http://www.ipu.org/english/news.htm#201510295