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This event explores the tenets of deliberative democracy with a focus on citizen assemblies as an innovative method to address complex policy problems. The panelists provide an overview of deliberative democracy and an in-depth look at local-level, climate justice assemblies.

Overview of Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Assemblies
Claudia Chwalisz, Innovative Citizen Participation Lead, OECD
Marcin Gerwin, PhD, Specialist in Deliberative Democracy
Shana Cohen, Ph.D., Director, TASC

Climate Justice Assemblies
Nikhil Kumar, Research & Policy Associate, People Powered
Sean McCabe, Executive Manager, TASC Climate Justice Centre
Kasia Pawłowska, Civic Participation Specialist, Shipyard Foundation

Donor Reflections
Laura Nortey, Senior Portfolio Analyst, Open Society Foundations