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This guide provides some basic information for parliamentarians exercis- ing oversight of the emerging Oil and Gas sector in Ghana to ensure that good governance prevails in the sector. It provides information about the petroleum industry, the current Oil and Gas endowment in Ghana and what this is likely to translate into as revenues. It also provides a set of questions that members of parliament might need to ask in order to ensure that the country receives maximum revenues for the petroleum extracted, as well as identifying avenues for Ghana‟s participation in the sector. These have the aim of making certain that choices made are those that will most benefit the country and its people.

The guide utilises the Chatham House principles of good governance of the petroleum sector and the associated Norwegian Oil for Development Good Governance Checklist. The guide highlights issues such as – the potential of the oil and gas sector1 and its impact on national development, state partici- pation in the sector, the regulatory function, local content, revenue manage- ment and parliamentary governance along the petroleum value chain.

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