Asia Regional Association of Public Accounts Committees (ARAPAC) Study Groups Meet in Kuala Lumpur

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This is a blog post by Niall Johnston of the World Bank Parliamentary Strengthening Programme.

A two-day meeting of study groups from the Asia Regional Association of Public Accounts Committees (ARAPAC) took place in Kuala Lumpur, May 29-30. At its last General Assembly, ARAPAC had commissioned two study groups to prepare reports on professional development issues for the Association. Representatives from Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia took part in the study groups, which were facilitated by the World Bank's Parliamentary Strengthening Programme.

The first working group was on PAC effectiveness and was tasked with identifying possible measures of effectiveness that could become the basis for improving ARAPAC members performance in PACs.

The second working group was on the reporting relationship between Supreme Audit Institutions and parliamentary ex post financial scrutiny committees and how it could be improved.

On the second day, the ARAPAC Secretary General facilitated a visioning session for the future of the Association including discussions on possible constitutional changes that the General Assembly had requested be considered in advance of its next meeting.

During the course of the event, the ARAPAC web site was updated to provide a series of accessible resources to members and further work will be undertaken in the coming months to merge this site with the planned global site for regional PAC associations.

The outcomes of the working group deliberations will be circulated over the summer and will then be submitted to the next ARAPAC Executive Committee meeting to help guide future ARAPAC programming.