Climate Parliament: Q's in European Parliament reveal huge cost of fossil fuels

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After prompting from our MEPs, the EC reveals staggering figures on health impacts of coal & gas pollution.

Our work in the European Parliament continues apace. This week, questions on the health impacts of fossil fuels asked to the European Commission by our Chairman, Sir Graham Watson MEP, were answered by the Commission - and the answers contained some shocking figures.

Sir Graham initially asked the Commission whether it intended to carry out an investigation into the long-term health implications and costs to the economy of the use of coal and other fossil fuels. In his answer, Mr Potocnik of the Commission stated that the EU is currently finalising a thematic study on air pollution, which confirms that as of 2010 the levels of particulate matter (PM) were still the cause of 380,000 premature deaths and 185,000 chronic bronchitis cases across the EU, as well as of large losses to the economy including 85 million lost working days.

Climate Parliament MEPs will be working hard in the coming months to ensure that the health impacts of fossil fuels are taken into consideration when planning future European Union energy policy - and that clean, reliable renewable energy technologies are giving the funding they urgently require.

You can read Sir Graham's original question - and the EC's response to it - in full on the European Parliament's database, here.