Australia: Climate change protesters stage sit-in at Parliament House

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Protesters swarmed Parliament House to demand action on climate change on Wednesday.

More than one hundred people participated in the lunchtime sit-in in the marble foyer, including Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

Protesters chanted "the whole world is watching" as the severely outnumbered security guards began to pull people out.

Among them was 93-year-old World War II veteran and environmental activist Bill Ryan, who was escorted out with his walker.

Aboriginal elder Aunty Mabel of the Bailai people was the last to be ejected as demonstrators reconvened outside parliament.

"The people who have had the task of caring for our earth have stuffed up. Those in power who sit in those chambers have the power and responsibility to make those decisions [to improve our environment] happen. Put the planet before profits," one protester read out to raucous cheers.
The so-termed People's Parliament comes as climate change talks continue in Paris.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull arrived back in Australia on Wednesday morning after rejecting a statement of support for reform of fossil fuel subsidies.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald 2nd December 2015: