Australia: New Renewable Energy Policy seeks Industry Certainty

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The Australian Progressive Party has released a confident renewable energy policy that seeks to provide certainty for an industry that is currently suffering from the inconsistency and short-sightedness of successive Australian governments.

The policy commits to maintaining the current 41,000GWh National Renewable Energy Target currently as risk due to the Abbott government. At the same time, the party proposes Australia's emissions reductions targets will increase to a 15% reduction on 2000 levels by 2020, compared with the current 5% commitment, and a cap and trade emissions trading system will be reintroduced.

Additional funding will be also made available to early stage research and development and deploying pilot projects, as well as providing better information about the location of renewable energy resources and incentivising small scale renewables in our communities.

The Australian Progressive Party believe renewable energy will be a crucial driver of Australia's future economy as it powers Australia's industries and new homes in more efficient and cleaner ways.

Australian Progressive Party Executive Director Kathryn Crosby said today that "renewable energy technologies are by far the best available science for the future of energy production.

“This policy is about ensuring we have a stable path to a renewable energy future so that we can benefit from the improvements to our everyday lives that renewable power can deliver, from jobs, to a healthier environment, to healthier people”.

The Australian Progressive Party has also put the coal-fired power generation industry on notice that its days are numbered. Coal power stations will not be offered free permits under the emissions trading scheme, and other industry assistance will be wound back.

This is the second policy to be released by the party as part of its Beta Launch policy process following the release of a comprehensive asylum seeker and refugee policy last week to positive feedback. The party will release a keystone policy each week during the Beta period before the member based policy process begins in December.

The full policy is available for comment at, and feedback is being sought from the public for the next week.

SOURCE: Newsmaker, October 27th 2014: