Australia: Oversized, fibreglass PM to call for climate action

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An oversized Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be protesting for climate change action on the lawns of federal parliament on Tuesday.

Visitors to federal parliament on Tuesday may cross the path of an oversized, fibreglass Tony Abbott calling for action on climate change.

It's intended to be a message to the prime minister before an expected cabinet meeting this week.

Organisers Oxfam Australia want Mr Abbott to raise the country's post-2020 emissions reduction targets at the meeting.

They believe the prime minister is facing the crossroads of climate action.

Australia has been criticised for not pulling its weight in cutting carbon pollution and is out of step with the rest of the world.

"Australia's emissions per person remain higher than any other developed country," Oxfam Australia's climate change policy adviser Simon Bradshaw said.

"We must start doing our fair share and contributing towards a strong international agreement."

The government maintains the nation will meet or beat its five per cent target by 2020.

It is expected to announce Australia's post-2020 targets in July, as nations prepare to head later this year to the United Nations climate change conference in Paris, where it is hoped a binding agreement to cut emissions can be reached.

SOURCE: SBS, 16/06/2015,