Campaigner takes global issue to parliament

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WORLD Vision ambassador Sue Tinney has lobbied the government about the need to take action against poverty and climate change.

The Havant resident travelled to Westminster to urge officials to do all they can to promote the importance of the issues.

Sue met international development Baroness Northover, and other department workers to explain why the issue means so much to her and people in Havant.

Sue said: ‘This will be a pivotal year to change the future of our people and our planet. Two vital summits could bend the course of history – one in September that will agree new development goals, a new framework for humanity to tackle poverty, inequality and environmental destruction. The other, in December to set new climate action targets, a crucial step towards a safer planet.

‘Our leaders are essentially writing their “to do lists” for a generation and what comes out of those negotiations will reveal how ambitious they are or aren’t, for the kind of world we can build together.’

She added: ‘I was thrilled to be given this opportunity to represent World Vision and to discuss my concerns and challenges around the issues of equality and inequality across every socio-economic group.’

The event coincided with the Aid Budget being enshrined in law and Sue got together with government officials to celebrate on The Green outside the Houses of Parliament afterwards.

SOURCE: The News, April 7th 2015: