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Report and Executive Summary


The Global Parliamentary Report (GPR) seeks to provide an overarching analysis of the state of parliaments worldwide. The central theme of this report is the changing relationship between parliaments and citizens. While emphasizing the diversity among parliaments, it looks in particular at reforms designed to enhance this relationship.

The report comprises 5 chapters organized as follows:

Chapter I: People and parliaments;

Chapter II: Information and influence;

Chapter III: Responsiveness and accountability;

Chapter IV: Service and delivery;

Chapter V: Conclusion – resilience and renewal.

The report also includes an Annex gathering data on fundamental characteristics of parliaments and feedback received from parliamentarians interviewed for the report.

The Agora team is delighted to offer you access to the Global parliamentary report, as well as its Executive Summary.


Global Parliamentary Report - The changing nature of parliamentary representation


Download the Report: English - French - Spanish - Arabic - Russian
Download the Executive Summary: English - French - Spanish - Arabic


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