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The Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy (PARE) project is jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and Climate Parliament, with the support of the European Commission and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

The PARE project seeks to leverage the powers and privileges of parliamentarians to promote the development of renewable energy resources.  It does so by supporting cross-party groups of parliamentarians in support of renewable energy, in order to build the required political will and strengthen the relevant policy and regulatory frameworks.

PARE International Parliamentary Report: Legislation for a sustainable energy revolution

How can we protect our citizens from climate change? How can we tap into the sun that pours out of our skies and the wind that blows across our coasts and deserts? How can we create jobs for our constituents and power our economies into the future?

Renewable energy legislation holds many of the answers to these questions. Legislation is the cornerstone of renewable energy development; it lays the foundations that create stable and ambitious policies that attract investment.

The report features an overview of speeches, presentations, and interventions made, and includes a full programme, participant list, and message of welcome from Climate Parliament Chairman Sir Graham Watson.

To read the full report of this latest PARE parliamentary hearing, please click here.

For more information on parliaments and renewable energy, please visit our dedicated pages here or take a look at the PARE How-To Guide below.

How-To Guide: Renewable Energy for Parliamentarians

This ‘How-To Guide: Renewable Energy for Parliamentarians’ was developed in the framework of the Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy project (PARE), a joint project by UNDP and the Climate Parliament, with the support of the European Commission and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This publication seeks to facilitate and encourage parliamentary action on renewable energy.  The Guide explores the benefits of renewable energy development, presents an overview of renewable energy technologies and their respective applications, and offers concrete guidelines and tips for parliamentary action.  Specific attention is paid to regulatory and policy frameworks.

To download the How-To Guide, please click here.

The Renewable Energy Guide is now also available in Serbian, with thanks to UNDP Serbia.  To download your copy, please click here.