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Supporting Parliamentary Reform in North Macedonia

The project aims to support the reform processes in the Macedonian Assembly though assessment of human resources, assistance in strategic planning processes and assessing and developing recommendation for improvement of financial oversight mechanisms and instruments for greater transparency and accountability.

One of the outputs of the projects was the Parliament to enhance knowledge, awareness and information of practices and instruments that support financial oversight. In that direction, three pilot products has been developed for the Macedonian Assembly to test new financial oversight practices and present them to relevant stakeholders in parliament, government and CSOs to support their engagement in the budget process.

The first pilot product is the Analysis of the Draft Budget for 2018, which was supposed to provide MPs with an informative debate regarding the budget, and better oversight of the budget. Such analysis will provide MPs better accountability to citizens in terms of spending public budget funds.

The second product is an Analysis of the labor market in RNM and in the countries in the region. The analysis aims to give a quantitative overview of the basic social indicators in ​​the labor market in the Republic of North Macedonia, compared to some of the countries in the region. The main indicators through which the labor market is analyzed are the Population Activity, threw data on the working age population by economic activity, gender, and schooling, as well as the employment and unemployment rate. The second indicator are Wages, which process data on average net and gross wages.

The third product is the Analysis of movement of salaries in public institutions in the public administration, then the budget expenditures for salaries and allowances and for temporary employment for the period from 2010 to 2018, as well as the expenditures for salaries and allowances per employee for certain budget users of Central government budget. This analyses also provides an overview on average monthly gross salaries in regulatory bodies.