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Democracy Tracker

Democracy Tracker: Providing comprehensive qualitative data on events that impact the state of democracy at the country level, updated every month 

Democracy Tracker provides event-centric, monthly information on democracy and human rights developments in 173 countries. Our monthly event reports are organized by the four categories (Representation, Rights, Rule of Law, and Participation) of the Global State of Democracy’s conceptual framework, signaling the specific aspects of democracy most impacted by particular events. Our country profile pages feature a wide array of quantitative and qualitative data and analysis, providing a holistic picture of the state of democracy at the country level. 

A deep dive into the effectiveness of parliaments 

Through our monthly event reports, you can find out how the latest developments are impacting a range of factors, including the effectiveness of parliaments at the country level. Recent reports have tracked parliaments’ ability to investigate governments’ actions in Poland and Guinea-Bissau's elections, which enabled the reinstallation of the legislature a year after being dissolved, in Guinea-Bissau. In Bolivia, parliamentary oversight was undermined by congressional impasses while the passage of laws affording more powers to the president impacted the strength of the legislature in Kyrgyzstan. In Chile, the resignation of a minister amid a corruption probe signals the potential for future democratic change.  

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Based on the Global State of Democracy’s conceptual framework, we assess the effectiveness of parliament by capturing the presence of opposition parties and whether the legislature carries out investigations and questioning of officials, as well as relevant aspects of horizontal checks on executive power. 

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