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14:00 - 15:30 UTC
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RCLS Online Seminar: On the Outskirts of Parliament - the Delegation for Women’s Rights

On the Outskirts of Parliament: the Delegation for Women’s Rights is a PhD thesis analysing law-making in the French National Assembly, in the context of gender equality policies. The research adopts a wide understanding of legislative work, and deals with how MPs learn to write bills and amendments, as well as their use of public hearings and their understanding of party loyalty and intra-party negotiations. Relying on insider interviews and extensive archive work, this sociology of the National Assembly highlights the many subtle ways French MPs attempt – and sometimes succeed – to influence legislation and carve themselves some leeway, in a national context otherwise strongly dominated by the executive branch. 

Dr Claire Bloquet is a Research Associate at the Institute for Parliamentary Research in Berlin and winner of the 2022 French National Assembly's Thesis Prize for Parliamentary Law.

Speakers include:

Claire Bloquet (Institute for Parliamentary Research, Germany)

Olivier Costa (College of Europe, Belgium)

Stephen Holden Bates (University of Birmingham, UK)

And others TBC