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09.00-10.00 cet
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Public engagement: New initiatives from New Zealand Parliament's Education Team

This seminar will explore how the New Zealand Parliament’s Education Team provides a wide range of education services and activities for different types of groups such as school students, teachers and public servants.  This seminar will in particular share the initiatives that the team has focussed on over the past three years.  The team will share their work in the digital space, in particular the increase in online learning resources on the New Zealand Parliament website and online visits to Parliament. Bespoke learning resources regarding the nature and impact of covid restrictions on democratic freedoms, and on social actions linked to citizenship will be shared, as well as initiatives tied closely to working alongside key stakeholders through targeted reference groups. Their work supporting the professional learning of public servants and members of Parliament will also be explored.

Language(s): English, French, Spanish

This event is part of the series of webinars organized by the Public engagement hub in IPU’s Centre for Innovation in Parliament in follow-up to the 2022 IPU-UNDP Global Parliamentary Report on Public engagement in the work of parliament. For more information, please contact