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Despite the extensive efforts being undertaken to address sustainable development, it is clear that tomorrow’s generation will be left with a liability of huge challenge in environmental, social and economic areas. Kenya is one of the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change which calls for the need to provide legal and institutional framework for mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change to facilitate and enhance response to climate change and provide guidance and measures to achieve low carbon climate resilient development.

It is for this reason that KCCWG in collaboration with the KNA came up with the climate change bill 2012 that successfully went through both the first and second reading but unfortunately the former president failed to assent it into law citing lack of public partnership.KCCWG, KNA, in collaboration with KAM, ME&NR, TI KENYA, KEPSA and other stakeholders have embarked on the process again which has seen the gazzettement of the taskforce and the climate change bill 2014 go through the first reading at the parliament.

It is with this background that the MPs sensitization workshop on the climate change Bill was organized on 9th May, 2014 at Flamingo Beach Resort in Mombasa. The workshop was organized by KCCWG in collaboration with MEW&NR with financial support from the government of Kenya through MEW&NR, KAM and the embassy of Sweden and DFID through ACT! The forum brought together stakeholders from the national assembly, the senate, media, KCCWG, TI Kenya, MEW&NR and other CSOs providing an avenue to discuss the draft climate change Bill, the proposed amendments by the taskforce through the Bill’s legal consultant and proposed necessary amendments on the bill before it is presented to the parliament for the second reading.