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There are many international indices ranking governments and parliaments in the world, but this tool is not one of them. Rather, our aim is to help parliamentarians evaluate their own effectiveness in combating corruption in their own countries. Although this is a self-assessment tool, undertaking an assessment with other actors (governmental and nongovernmental) would add immeasurably to the tool’s effectiveness by augmenting sound evidence to substantiate its ratings. This can help parliamentarians improve national knowledge on what policies to create, and what actions to take.

This is the first assessment tool with a special focus on the role of parliamentarians in the fight against corruption, and more specifically on Chapter II of UNCAC (on the prevention of corruption). We hope that this tool will serve as an important catalyst for dialogue, national consultations and policy reforms, particularly with respect to preventive measures such as the implementation of national anti-corruption strategies and the strengthening of national anti-corruption agencies.

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