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AGORA’s project catalogue offers the reader access to the latest projects on parliamentary development, hosted on AGORA or developed by the platform’s partners

Democracy Tracker provides event-centric, monthly information on democracy and human rights developments in 173 countries.  

Navigate to the platform to learn about the extent to which parliaments around the world are exercising their capacities to oversee the executive (and more) and contact us to request tailored presentations and trainings! 

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AGORA Parliamentary Development Community of Practice is an important step in re-establishing parliamentary development as a key component of governance development work. Find out more about the initiative.

INTER PARES’s purpose is to strengthen the capacity of parliaments in EU partner countries, by enhancing their legislative, oversight, representative, budgetary and administrative functions.  It focuses both on MPs and on the staff of parliaments' secretariats.

Pro PALOP-TL SAI intends to improve economic governance in the PALOP-TL, with the specific objective to enhance the performance of PALOP-TL countries on Public Finance Management Systems’ accountability, effectiveness and transparency.

iKNOW Politics is a unique platform that fosters exchange, dialogue and knowledge creation for all who are engaged in promoting women’s political participation, drawing from the expertise of International IDEA, IPU, UNDP and UN women.

The online engagement platform EngageParl is a tool developed by the Parliamentary Centre and Bang the Table Canada to drive inclusive, transparent, and measurable civic engagement and to empower collaborative learning, discussion, and debate.