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10am (GMT), 26 November 2020
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Supporters, spoilers or side-lined: the role of parliaments in peacebuilding

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy is looking forward to launching a research paper on the role parliaments play in peacebuilding, in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre at the University of York.

Often, parliaments are overlooked actors when states transition from war towards peace. However, they play an integral role, from implementing peace agreements, to institutionalising warring parties, to legislating for long-term peace and stability.

They can support a successful peacebuilding process by ensuring that peace agreements are translated into legislation and effectively implemented, for example by establishing Truth Commissions. However, they also have the power to derail it, if for example, former enemies are unable to work together within parliament. This is why parliaments must be taken seriously in peacebuilding efforts.

Join WFD for a presentation of the research findings and a discussion about how we can design more effective strategies to ensure violence doesn’t resume and to create sustainable peace.


Professor Nina Caspersen, University of York

Dr Gyda Sindre, University of York

Priyanga Hettiarachi, Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Dr Graeme Ramshaw, Westminster Foundation for Democracy