Draft Outcome Document: Parliamentary Meeting on the Occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference

The Parliamentary Meeting in Lima is expected to adopt a succinct outcome document, which will be conveyed to the UN Climate Change Conference. The constraints of the format of a one-day event are such that the draft must be adopted by the Parliamentary Meeting without resorting to a vote or extensive re-drafting. With this in mind, the IPU and the host Parliament carried out a process of broad consultations during the period leading up to the Meeting.

The Rapporteur of the Meeting in Lima, Mr. Sergio Tejada Galindo (Peru), had prepared a preliminary draft, which was circulated in advance of the 131st IPU Assembly and discussed by the IPU Standing Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade at its session in Geneva on 14 October 2014. On that occasion, the delegates made a number of observations. 

A revised preliminary draft was prepared after the Assembly and posted on the IPU website for formal amendments with a deadline of 15 November 2014. The following revised draft, which incorporates a number of amendments received by that date, will be submitted for adoption at the conclusion of the Meeting.

Download  the document  here 

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