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The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study seeks to provide an authoritative and comprehensive annual audit of climate change-related laws in the 66 country chapters.  

The aims of the GLOBE Climate Legislation Studies are threefold. First, to support legislators advancing climate-related legislation by providing a detailed summary of existing legislation to identify best practice and help peer-to-peer learning. Second, to document the broad progress on climate change legislation at the domestic level in both industrialised and developing countries to provide positive momentum to the international negotiations. And third, to highlight the fundamental role of legislators in any effective strategy to tackle climate change.

The 4th edition is a major output of The GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative (GCLI), a policy process to support the advance of climate change legislation in more than 40 countries. The GCLI is running alongside the international negotiations under the Durban Platform with the aim of helping to build the foundations and political conditions that enable an international agreement to be reached.