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Internal democracy additionally brings transparency, increasing trust in political parties and complicating their delegitimization. Internal democracy ensures the involvement of larger groups of citizens, which, in turn, guarantees that different views exist and are being shared within the organization. The effect is strengthened after the inclusion of minorities, women, and youth increases in the party. These differing viewpoints grow in proportion to the growth of democracy. Thus, when discussing transitional democracies and hybrid regimes, more and more emphasis is being paid to the topic of democratization. However, this topic is still new, and, therefore, there are no commonly recognized and shared standards that could be applied for defining party democracy. There are, however, several articles and specific models that define the degree of party democracy. We are hopeful that as the interest in this topic grows, researchers will focus on one model. Before this happens, we will be looking specifically at Georgian political reality to offer an index that is both based on shared theoretical models and takes our individual circumstances into consideration