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Newsletter: Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section, July 2023

Issue contents: 1. Message from the Chair 2. The 38th IFLAPARL Pre-Conference 2.1. Information on the Pre-Conference 2.2. The Library of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. An introduction 3. JOIN US 4. IFLA WLIC 5. NEWS 5.1. Joint Seminars between the National Diet Library, the National Assembly Library of Korea, and the National Assembly Research Service 5.2. International seminar hosted by the Israeli Knesset -Parliamentary Research Services-, Interfaces and Circles of Influence 5.3. The Library of the Parliament of Montenegro: Collections' Classification 5.4. News from the Passos Manuel Library of the Assembleia da República of Portugal 5.5. News from the Research Service and the Library of the Bundestag, Germany 5.6. The Documentation and Information Center highlights, Brazil 5.7. News from the Mexican Chamber of Deputies 5.8. EPRS-ECPRD seminar on parliamentary scrutiny 5.9. News from the National Library of China 6. KALEIDOSCOPE 6.1. 2o Encuentro de la Red Federal de Bibliotecas Parlamentarias de la República Argentina. 40 años de democracia 6.2. Red Parlamenta 7. NEW BOOKS, ARTICLES, REPORTS & INVITATIONS 7.1. Research Week in the National Assembly of Zambia 7.2. To what extend do parliaments defend democracy in authoritarian contexts? 7.3. Data-Driven Democracy, Guidelines on the use of AI on the parliamentary workspace and a Handbook on Parliamentary Administration 7.4. Documentation et bibliothèques, a journal for library and information science 8. IFLAPARL PROJECTS 8.1. COMLAW 8.2. Parliamentary Bibliographical Heritage 9. New Committee Members Welcome 10. Call for content on IFLAPARL’s Social Media STANDING COMMITTEE MEMBERS

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