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The global Open Parliament initiative functions under the umbrella of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to induce parliamentary processes that are inclusive and transparent and disseminate the best practices thereof. The activities of participating countries are based in particular on the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness. More than 160 PMOs that scrutinise parliamentary activities (parliamentary monitoring organisations or PMOs) from 82 countries
are currently its signatories. However less than a dozen parliaments around the world have come to cooperate with PMOs in developing their joint action plans.
For Ukraine, the Open Parliament initiative has become a long-awaited opportunity to connect the expectations of civil society for more legislative responsiveness with the commitments for reform by the new Parliament’s Administration and Members of Parliament – on both political and practical levels. Thus, by signing the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness, Ukraine is officially joining the global movement to enhance transparency of representative legislative bodies and aiming to ensure readiness of Parliament to invite citizens into decision-making, make legislative processes clearer and easier to understand and provide more tools for interaction. To attain this, the Open Parliament initiative encourages increased transparency and accountability and public participation through the use of more innovations and modern technology.

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