What should the next European Parliament learn from its predecessor?

The development and functioning of the EU-Eastern Partnership Parliamentary Assembly (EuroNest PA) is the topic of this brief. We argue that, despite organising a number of meetings and adopting several resolutions in the past two years, the Assembly is failing to reach its objectives of promoting economic and political integration between the EU and the Eastern Partners. Three main problems are considered here: i) the criticism of the European Parliament for being inconsistent about the conditions under which countries can send delegates ii) the fact that the parliamentary meetings are too short and infrequent, and iii) the observation that Eastern Partners focus too much on national and bilateral issues, thus failing to engage in multilateral dialogue.

We therefore recommend to the next European Parliament that it works on developing more concrete and measurable conditions for the representation of national parliaments; that it strives for longer and more frequent meetings of the different entities of the EuroNest PA; and that it ensures that plenary meetings are better synchronised with the other high-level multilateral meetings of the Eastern Partnership.

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