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The busy reader who wants to go straight to the meat of this consultation paper will find it in Parts 6 and 7. In those Parts, we look at the purpose of post-legislative scrutiny and possible post-legislative scrutiny mechanisms. Before that, in Part 1, we set out our terms of reference, then in Part 2 we consider published research and current thinking on post-legislative scrutiny. This includes contributions to the debate from Parliamentarians and others. In Part 3 we examine existing forms of post-legislative scrutiny, which are undertaken by Government departments, Parliamentary committees, the Law Commission and other bodies. In Part 4 we look at the experience of pre-legislative scrutiny and its potential relationship with post-legislative scrutiny. Part 5 is a brief summary of some forms of post-legislative scrutiny that are undertaken in other jurisdictions, highlighting innovative methods (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, France, EU). As mentioned, in Part 6 we examine the purpose of post-legislative scrutiny by describing the drivers for it and its benefits. In Part 7 we explore different post-legislative scrutiny mechanisms. In Part 8 we consider post-legislative scrutiny of delegated legislation. Part 9 analyses the scope for post-legislative scrutiny of European legislation. Part 10 contains a list of questions for consultees.

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